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This new body of mixed media needlework, reflects on gay culture and the evolving way the gay community re-interprets its identity. The forward momentum for LGBTQIAA equality has altered the way a once radical subculture which traditionally valued its outsider status, now seems determined to be validated within the culture at large. I am interested in this conflict between acceptance and “otherness.”

By utilizing a traditionally feminine art form, I reconsider gay symbols, history, and representation. The repetitive, meditative nature of needle work infers a ruminative medium that, in this context, considers lives once lived and gay culture’s unwieldy journey into the 21st century. They are pictures that ask what has been subconsciously deferred for the sake of equality's ideal.

Kinda Major Rumble
Kinda Major Rumble
Embroidery Floss, Bristol Board
23h x 29w